在线计算机取证硕士提供了一个途径,以在政府的事业,执法和金融服务。亚博体育竞技竞猜亚博体育竞技投注平台 As dependence on information technology spreads, many organizations rely on specialists to monitor hardware and software vulnerabilities, recover and protect data, and collect and analyze digital evidence. Fields like information security, criminal investigation, and cybercrime require technologically savvy and detailed-oriented professionals with an analytical mindset and up-to-date-skills acquired through graduate training.

进入在线数字取证硕士经常有学生在计算机科学,刑事司法,或自然科学学士学位。 Some master's programs prefer applicants with backgrounds in computer programming, operating systems, or networks. Many students prefer the flexibility and convenience of an online computer forensics master's over traditional on-campus programs. The round-the-clock accessibility appeals to working professionals, and the self-paced courses and web-based format works well for parents who are unable to enroll in full-time, campus-based programs.



在线计算机取证的硕士课程的毕业生可以期望找到扩大和整个美国的高薪就业机会,作为技术人员,数据分析师和管理员。 Computer systems analysts, for example, earn a mean salary of $92,740 annually. California, Texas, and New York provide the most employment opportunities for systems analysts. New York, California, Virginia, and Texas offer the highest salaries, well above the national average.

作为该领域的增长,工作经验回报。 Forensic computer analysis rewards professionals with experience, awarding the highest salaries to those with 10 or more years in the field.


国家 就业 年平均工资
加利福尼亚 72980个 102860美元
得克萨斯州 56220个 96190美元
纽约 42500个 103550美元
俄亥俄州 28970个 90070美元
弗吉尼亚 27760个 1000090美元
美国 581960年 92740美元



  • 入门级(0-5岁):
    $ 58,000
  • 职业生涯亚博体育竞技投注平台中期(5 - 10年):
    $ 89,000
  • 有经验的(10-20岁):
    $ 99,000
  • 晚事业(2亚博体育竞技投注平台0岁以上):
    $ 110,000



在政府机构的在线计算机取证硕士寻找投放位置,执法和保安公司回收和分析数字证据的毕业生。 Forensic specialists of all kinds find employment in private industries and financial organizations, monitoring computer networks and data storage systems. If you understand computer technology and applications, have an aptitude for data collection and analysis, and enjoy the challenge of investigation and research, consider one of the emerging career possibilities in computer forensics, including but not limited to these options:



这些专家分析大量的基于计算机的信息。 Their duties include examining hard drives and data storage devices to discover user patterns and recovering information from corrupted devices. Most positions require at least a bachelor's in computer forensics. Many employers look for graduate-trained analysts or those with knowledge of industry best practices and work experience.



计算机安全专家监督和排查安全系统,管理更新,并在许多组织设置进行定期检测。 These professionals must be knowledgeable about security products such as VPN, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. They must stay current in the field to anticipate new threats and utilize the best available applications. Because of the skills required, many employers seek specialists with graduate training and work experience.



这些专业人士进行犯罪,法律和法人实体的数字信息和电子发现的取证调查。 Their responsibilities include investigations, eDiscovery, digital forensics, and incident response. They also develop and administer strategic initiatives and policy for IP protection and data security. A growing number of employers require their investigators to hold specialized certifications and master's degrees.








每个在线计算机取证的硕士学位课程有它自己的课程和重点。 However, the majority of master's programs share a similar structure and common elements. Students first complete the core foundational courses, followed by electives and specialized courses that directly relate to their theses or culminating capstone projects.


  1. 计算,安全和数据保护的基础:该入门课程向学生介绍网络分析,路由协议,以及软件和硬件的风险。 Students learn various methods of data storage, processing, and protections, including cryptology and encryption, authentication protocols, certificate authorities, privacy protections, and security protocols.
  2. 数字取证技术和方法:学生获得与计算机法医检验和调查使用的工具和技术的熟练程度。 The course explores best practices for securing and validating evidence, including digital media and physical memory, and recovering artifacts. Students learn procedures and protocols for analyzing, and reporting results for criminal and civil cases.
  3. 数字取证和加密:加密技术这种检查演示法医调查,分析师和审查员的实际应用。 Students learn encryption and hashing algorithm techniques, including the relationship of algorithm complexity to password strength and password cracking tools. The course covers whole-disk encryption, memory and network-based encryption, the use of encryption in Malware applications, steganography, and other techniques used to hide data.
  4. 移动设备取证:本课程教学生如何能够从移动设备如智能手机恢复数据和数字证据,GPS设备和片剂,以及如何解锁和根设备,旁路锁定码并恢复从损坏的设备的数据。 The course covers Linux and ANAND technology, and mobile file systems.
  5. 数字犯罪证据和程序:学生学习的刑事调查和进行数字犯罪研究方法的程序。 The course introduces students to digital crime, including hacking, phishing, cyber bullying, and identity theft. Students explore the ways government, industry, and law enforcement agencies respond to these threats, with an emphasis on the federal laws that control cyber crime and criminal procedures in law enforcement.


  • GIAC认证法医分析员在信息安全,计算机取证和事故响应领域工作的专业人士可寻求GCFA凭证。 The GCFA certifies that candidates have the knowledge and skills to carry out formal incident investigations and manage advanced incident handling scenarios, such as internal and external data breach intrusions, advanced persistent threats, and complex digital forensic cases. Candidates must pass a proctored exam.
  • 注册法医计算机鉴定员由信息保障认证审查委员会负责管理,该股权出资的凭证建立计算机取证证据回收和分析的基础知识。 Candidates must demonstrate their knowledge of both hard and soft skills, including legal and ethical issues related to computer forensics, by passing an online exam and a practical take-home test.
  • 电脑黑客法证调查员该CGHI证书验证应聘者的调查技能入侵者的足迹的鉴定及搜集证据追究刑事责任能力接受。 Candidates demonstrate knowledge of data discovery and data recovery from deleted, encrypted, or damaged files. CHFI certification requires two years of work experience in information security or official training.