在印第安纳大学提供一些实惠的学费率大部分在民族,他们继续扩大远程学习的机会。达到更高目标,实现更,印第安纳州的高等教育战略计划,为在2025年增加教育程度和大学毕业率,扩大一倍授予大学学位的数量目标的路线图。 This initiative encourages the expansion of Indiana’s online college programs, supporting efforts to broaden access and affordability throughout the state.

超过175个公共和私人机构,印第安纳州提供在本科和研究生水平的在线学习很多选择。 This guide presents information that prospective students should consider before deciding which of Indiana’s online college programs best suits their needs. It provides information about the employment outlook for degree holders, with career and salary projections, as well as college costs, financial aid possibilities, and other resources for students.


大学毕业生欣赏那些只有高中文凭在就业市场上的优势。 By 2020, approximately 65% of all jobs in the U.S. will require a中学后教育。 Of these positions, 35% will require at least a bachelor’s degree. The percentage of印第安纳州居民25岁与低于全国平均水平的学士学位或更高级别在24.6%以上。 The预计需求为大专以上学历的员工超过了在几乎所有职业在印第安纳州的供应。 The fastest growing and highest paying jobs in the state require a college degree, including those in managerial, STEM, education, and healthcare fields.

劳工统计局(BLS)报告的3.5%用于印第安纳州的失业率,低于3.8%的全国平均水平。 While the annual salary for Indiana workers trails behind the U.S. mean, a postsecondary degree leads to more opportunities and higher earnings. According to the印第安纳委员会高等教育,大学毕业生收入超过超过那些$ 1百万没有大学学位在他们的工作生活的过程。 In 2016, Indiana residents with an associate degree or higher earned an average annual salary of $43,623, compared to $18,359 for workers with only a high school diploma.


印地安那 3.5%
美国 3.8%



印地安那 $ 43,950
美国 $ 50,620




公共和私人四年制院校的学费率提高了自2010年以来15%。 Although educational costs vary by school, Indiana’s affordable tuition rates make it an appealing option for online and campus-based students. While in-state tuition at two-year community colleges ranks above the national average, Indiana’s tuition rate at public four-year schools falls below $10,000 per year.

一些私营和公共机构提供远程教学学分低利率。 However, after figuring in all educational expenses, students generally spend about the same amount for their education at on-campus and online colleges in Indiana. Some online schools add a technology fee, and many campus-based programs charge an activities fee, even if students do not attend any events. Students must budget for books and supplies, although a few of Indiana’s online college programs provide laptops and course materials.

虽然印第安纳提供活相比全国其他地方的价格低廉,参加传统的校内课程的学生必须涵盖吃住和交通费用。 Online students save on these expenses, and many keep full-time jobs while in school due to the schedule flexibility of online programs.


两年制公立 公四年
印地安那 $ 4,710 $ 9,490
美国平均 $ 3,660 $ 10,230



因为从州居民的税收资助的公共教育,国家资助的大专院校开设学费率降低了州内学生。 Public institutions generally charge significantly higher rates to out-of-state students.

印第安纳州的从属关系与国家授权互惠协议使得学生更容易在公共和私营机构在网上报名参加计划在其他几个州,降低成本和提高访问。 As part of the中西部高等教育契约许多印第安纳高等教育学校参加中西部地区学生交流计划,降低学费交换协议,使来自八个国家的学生在学校印第安纳支付折扣或州内学费率。 In turn, Indiana residents may enroll in participating schools in any of these states, paying no more than 150% of the in-state tuition rate at public institutions, or receiving a 10% tuition reduction from private institutions.


两年制公立在国家 公四年外的国家
印地安那 $ 9,940 $ 28,980
美国平均 $ 10,230 $ 26,290



从国家的努力印第安纳好处在线学习者,使高等教育的实惠。 Indiana ranks fifth in the U.S. for以需求为基础的奖项每本科相当于全日制招生,分布在$ 335万在补助金的2016-17学年。

远程学习者通常有资格作为基于校园的学生相同的财政援助的机会。 As a first step to securing financial aid, prospective students should complete the联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA),以确定他们是否有资格获得联邦赠款和贷款。 The FAFSA also establishes eligibility for some state and college-based aid. To qualify for federal aid, students must attend one of the accredited online colleges in Indiana recognized by the Department of Education or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation.

印第安纳州的委员会高等教育提供了一个基于Web的集中资源,ScholarTrack,以帮助未来的学生和他们的家庭导航财政援助过程中,开始在七年级和通过大学继续完成。 The site coordinates several scholarships and awards for Indiana residents, including the state’s two primary financial aid programs: The Frank O'Bannon Grant, a need-based award, and the 21st Century Scholarship that encourages low-income and middle-income students to plan for and attend college. ScholarTrack also offers a college cost calculator.


印地安那 $ 1,110个
美国平均 $ 820



学生在任何印第安纳州的网上大学计划招收应该调查的援助机构和私人提供资金来源。 Scholarships and grants, unlike loans, do not need to be repaid. Online students should check with prospective schools to learn more about financial aid requirements, merit-based award availability, and scholarships for targeted groups, including students entering specialized fields and members of underrepresented groups.


谁可以申请:由步行者基金会赞助,这个奖学金提供给本科学生支持在印第安纳州的任何认可的四年制大学或社区学院就读。 Applicants must major in physical therapy, athletic training, or a related discipline.

量:$ 2,500个



谁可以申请:该奖学金是三个非传统人群:有抚养子女,大学年龄的学生和身体残疾的成人,18-25岁的福利制度提出了成年人。 Students must attend either Indiana University/Purdue University or Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis.

量:学费加S $ 2,500个生活津贴



谁可以申请:高年级学生在印第安纳州的认可公共或私营机构计划研究可以申请这个奖学金。 Candidates must have at least a 2.0 GPA, demonstrate extreme financial need, and show an interest in community service.

量:$ 10,000个



谁可以申请:高中或大学的学生寻求获得在印第安纳州的教师资格认证可以申请。 Recipients must agree to teach for five years at an eligible Indiana school or repay the corresponding, prorated amount of the scholarship.

量:$ 7,500再生



谁可以申请:死者或伤残军人的孩子们可以使用这个奖参加在印第安纳州公共高等教育机构。 Recipients receive funding for 124 credit hours or less; benefits may be applied to both undergraduate and professional programs.




谁可以申请:该奖学金为非洲裔和拉美裔学生计划在一个认可的印第安纳学校任教的支持。 Recipients must agree to teach in the state for a minimum of three years.

量:$ 4,000个



谁可以申请:一个印第安纳州的小学学生资助项目中,弗兰克·奥班农批助攻印第安纳州居民在追求的认可在州内学校联营或学士学位。 Students must complete the FAFSA to determine financial need.




谁可以申请:社会为维护和可靠性管理奖这笔款项印第安纳居民在外地学习,导致在实际的资产管理工作。 Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement and involvement in cocurricular activities.

量:$ 2,000- $ 10,000个



谁可以申请:由专业工程师印第安纳学会主办的,这些择优奖学金支持印第安纳学生寻求职业生涯中的几个工程专业。亚博体育竞技竞猜亚博体育竞技投注平台 Applicants must be juniors or seniors in an EAC/ABET-accredited institution in Indiana.

量:$ 1,000个



谁可以申请:印第安纳委员会高等教育奖项这种可再生拨款,以参与学者计划的成功高中学生。 Applicants must complete the state’s Core 40 diploma with a GPA of 3.75 or higher and plan to attend an eligible Indiana college.




大多数政府指针指向一个有前途的职业前景印第安纳州。该州的最高行业,其中包括制造业,金融活动,教育和医疗保健,预计将保持平稳增长。 Many fast-growing occupations require a college degree.

具有大学本科毕业以上可以期望找到在STEM领域最好的就业前景,如软件开发和运营研究; in business areas, including marketing analysis and financial management; and in healthcare at all levels, especially nursing.

按照劳动力发展的印地安那部, registered nurses rank at the top of the state’s fastest growing and highest paying jobs, with a projected growth of 17% through 2022. As Indiana moves to increase the number of college degree holders and meet projected workforce shortages, the state offers more opportunities for online education, particularly in computer science and STEM, business administration, and nursing.


计算机专业的学生准备在字段中输入一些印第安纳州增长最快和最高支付事业一样经营研究,软件开发,系统的分析和计算机工程。亚博体育竞技竞猜亚博体育竞技投注平台 Students take required courses in data structures, algorithm design, programming languages, and operating systems. Elective classes might focus on artificial intelligence, computer graphics and vision, robotics, cryptography, databases, or network analysis.


这种多用途的主要提供了很多的就业机会,包括在财务管理和市场研究高需求的亚博体育竞技投注平台位置。 Core courses in a business administration major cover marketing, management, organizational behavior, finance, and accounting. Students also acquire a strong background in business law and ethics. Most programs require courses in research methodology and statistics.


在印第安纳州的注册护士(RN)的预计不足强调本科的价值在护理是科学的,对RN许可的先决条件。 Students in a nursing major learn about the administration of medication and treatments and how to assist a physician during examinations. Nursing students often choose specializations that require additional credits in fields such as critical care, oncology, geriatrics, and neonatal nursing.


印第安纳大学网络ICN,由文森斯大学主办,有助于学生在全州地区认证的大学网上课程,收集信息并报名。 The website allows users to search for undergraduate and graduate offerings, online certificate and licensure programs, and continuing education courses. It also provides helpful resources for high school students and others about admission and registration procedures.

转铁印第安纳正式移交信贷指南印第安纳州的学生,转,提供印第安纳公立学院和大学之间的转移88预先核准的课程,和六个独立的高等教育学校的更新列表。 It offers tools and resources for high school students, military students, and nontraditional learners. Students can also send transcripts electronically to any school worldwide through its free Indiana eTranscript service.

了解更多印第安纳由印第安纳州高等教育委员会的管理下,这megasite为学生,家长,教师,辅导员,雇主不断扩大的资源集。yabo5.conapp手机下载 It provides information on college readiness, financial aid, college saving plans, and career guidance. It also provides virtual tour links to several Indiana colleges and universities.

印第安纳Intern.Net此资源为学生提供了近800实习中的各种全州字段和位置的搜索数据库。 The majority of internships are paid and some students may receive academic credit for their internship experience. Employers may receive up to 50% in matching wages for interns they hire through Indiana’s Employment Aid Readiness network.