堪萨斯州的经济蓬勃发展,它的失业率居全美最低的,为3.3%。 Jobs are plentiful both in traditional industries like manufacturing and in modern sectors like tech and healthcare. The生活成本在堪萨斯州是近9%,比全国平均水平,与国家间一直名列最好的地方在做生意。 Jobs in aviation, green energy, nursing, bioscience, and tech are readily available to recent graduates of online colleges in Kansas.

堪萨斯州已开发出了名的受过良好教育地方,排名针对其他国家高其具有本科以上学历的成年人比例。 The high school graduation rate sits well above the national average. Kansas puts a premium on education and is home to several top universities, including some of the best digital campuses in the country. Read on to discover all you need to know about online colleges in Kansas.


失业率仍然在堪萨斯低,国家已成功地平衡传统行业,如制造业和创新,增长和未来像生物科学和风能产业的农业。 The job market proves especially strong around urban areas like Topeka, Kansas City, and Wichita. The Sunflower State currently ranks among the best in the nation for online program graduates.

堪萨斯劳动信息中心最近位列国家高需求,高工资的职业。 Of the top 20, 15 require a bachelor's degree or higher, while one requires a master's. The mean wage for many of these jobs exceeds the national average. More than half pay $60,000 or more annually, and seven pay at least $80,000. These provide plenty of purchase power in a state with a relatively low cost of living. A degree from an online college in Kansas makes sense in the current market.


堪萨斯 3.3%
美国 3.8%



堪萨斯 $ 44,570
美国 $ 50,620




随着高校的成本上升全国范围内,申请人应知道他们正在进入他们入学之前。 Tuition expenses in Kansas track close to the national average, both for two-year colleges and four-year universities. Online program costs often mirror those of on-campus programs. Schools integrate digital classes into their course offerings so thoroughly that many make no distinction between online and on-campus learning. You still have to pay for books in most cases, and in some cases technology fees, as well. However, some online colleges offer deals.

学生可以经常显出席在堪萨斯州一个经济实惠的网上大学降低他们的整体大学的费用。 Several schools charge distance learners less for tuition than their on-campus counterparts, or extend tuition breaks. Distance students can also save a great deal in travel, parking, and room and board.


两年制公立 公四年
堪萨斯 $ 3,130 $ 9,100个
美国平均 $ 3,660 $ 10,230



因为他们是纳税人资助的国家机构,堪萨斯的公立大学收费州居民不到他们来自其他国家的学生。 For example, students from Wichita who attend a public, four-year college or university in Kansas would pay an average tuition of $9,300 per year. Nonresident students, however, might pay more than twice that. Kansas residents pay almost $1,000 below the national average tuition. Their out-of-state peers pay about $3,000 less.

在堪萨斯州的在线课程往往提供给谁想要读大学外州的学生更便宜的选择。 Students from other midwestern states may take advantage of the中西部高等教育契约。 This 12-state agreement provides reduced "good neighbor" tuition to public universities for students in the region. Similarly, Kansas State belongs to the大平原交互式远程教育程序。 This consortium of universities allows students from participating states to take classes at any member institution for the same affordable, flat-rate tuition.


两年制公立在国家 公四年外的国家
堪萨斯 $ 9,300名 $ 23,040种
美国平均 $ 10,230 $ 26,290



在堪萨斯州的学生必须提供给他们一些财政援助方案,包括联邦赠款,贷款和贷款减免计划。 The first step for every college student seeking aid is to fill out the联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA),这有助于学生理解他们出线的援助。 Filling out the FAFSA also signifies to colleges that you take your education seriously.

堪萨斯州举办奖学金,助学金,学费报销程序,让学生在学习的各个领域,包括护理,教学,国民警卫队人员,以及牙科的数组。 These loans and grants can help finance a Kansas City online college, a private school in Winfield, or the cheapest online college in Kansas. Some require a future commitment to work in underserved areas in Kansas. You can find all kinds of information on the financial help available to Kansans at the校务委员会堪萨斯州现场。


堪萨斯 $ 120
美国平均 $ 820



堪萨斯州是家庭的计划,帮助堪萨斯州人支付学校,其中许多并不要求学生持有一个特别高的GPA的数组。 These forms of aid focus primarily on community service, leadership potential, and other factors.


根据国家的经济官员,需求最大的职位提供堪萨斯工资最高的业务,护理,教学存在的。 The Kansas Labor Information Center ranked the state's hottest,最高薪职位对于2017年的前10名中,六名相关业务,包括总经理,财务经理,会计和几种不同类型的销售人员。 Nurses ranked third, elementary and secondary school teachers placed seventh and eighth, and software engineers rounded out the top 10.

谁不想当从网上堪萨斯大学毕业土地赚钱的工作的学生应该好好找工商管理,护理和教育学士课程。 Online schools in the Sunflower State brim with opportunities in these fields. Take your pick from several public universities, or enroll in one of the state's many private schools. Students may also begin their studies at an online community colleges in Kansas, and transfer into a four-year school to finish their degree.


要为自己设定了利润丰厚的业务相关的职业之一堪萨斯,就可以在工商管理学士课程报名。 These exist at most schools across the state, and many allow you to specialize in an area of interest. Graduates could move right into the job market, or continue on to get their MBA, with all the earning power those degrees bestow.


护理继续提供无论是在堪萨斯州和其他地方在全国范围内强劲的就业安置毕业生。 Many online colleges in Kansas offer nursing degrees, with programs ranging from initial licensing to master's-level. You can easily find work while continuing your education, and be virtually guaranteed a job in Kansas upon graduation. You can also continue on to become a nurse practitioner, which is also in high demand in the Sunflower State.


全州学校根据堪萨斯州劳动信息中心聘用和支付高薪。 Education classes rank among the most common online college courses in Kansas. Jobs at both the elementary and secondary level are available across the state, and you can specialize your major to suit your interests. Kansas even offers scholarship help and loan forgiveness programs to help teachers start their careers.


校务委员会堪萨斯州国家理事会的公立大学,社区学院和技工学校主机的网站中的有用信息。 Find scholarship information, transfer details, residency requirements, higher education statistics, and the latest news.

教育堪萨斯国务院官方机构在国家监督教育,教育署提供的信息应有尽有教育相关的票据交换所。 You can look into accreditation, visit the data center, and find an array of career services at the state's site.

社区学院校董堪萨斯协会了解你需要知道通过这个协会在堪萨斯州的在线社区学院的一切。 Search programs, look into transfer options, and explore each of the 19 community colleges in the Sunflower State.

堪萨斯州独立学院协会该协会代表19所认可的私立学校横跨堪萨斯州蔓延。 Its site hosts a variety of resources, including program searches, scholarships and grants, and professional development information. You can research individual schools, access the FAFSA, and download a guidebook to the association.

KansasWorks一个国家就业服务亚博体育竞技投注平台网站,KansasWorks帮助您从堪萨斯州的网上大学毕业后找到一份工作。 Search employers, post your resume, or conduct research to help you select a major.